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Meet Canoa Quebrada

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There are places that are known passage, others you need to spend some time to get to know him.

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So is Canoa Quebrada - sun beach all year.
I know...This many beaches offer promise, but and the moon and star?
I ask: which beach has the symbol instead of imposing sun, moon and star?
This is Canoa Quebrada, where the day is still in the early evening and the night continues at the beginning of the day.
It is normal to after staying a few days here leave the clock and calendar.
What does it matter the time or day of the week or month in a place where the summer season to make history, spans the entire year?
Who is here has the feeling that news about bad weather and cold are fictional things.

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Our dunes can even remember a snowy mountain, but not melt ever.
Coverage is to protect from the sun, because rain here, it passes, is so fast that you forget to water the ground.
But ... they have the sound of water every day and every hour. The waves that come and go.
The sea, this came and stayed forever bathing the cliffs of colored sands.

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The freak of nature is such that our beach every movement of the tide has a different look:
It is low tide - has natural pool and sandy extension.
It is high tide - has the green sea of ​​white foam wave.

Kit surf, surfer and raft live in this scenario the same way as locals and tourists from all over the world are found in the famous Broadway Street in the most democratic in the world night.

Good...Do you want to learn more about Canoa Quebrada?

Do as I - Come and Stay - as much as possible."

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